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Notice is hereby given that the Setsoto Local Municipality has proposed to adopt the following Standard
Bylaw as published by the MEC Cooperative Governance, Traditional Affairs and Human Settlement as a Standard Bylaw as follows:
(a) Standard Business Regulations Bylaw as published in Government Gazette Nr 163 as Provincial Notice No 228 of 18 March 2016.
(b) Draft Public Passenger and Goods Transportation Bylaw.

2. Written comments must be handed in at the office of the Municipal Manager or Manager Administration,
Municipal Offices, Ficksburg or posted to the Manager Administration, P.O. Box 116, Ficksburg, 9730 or faxed to the Manager Administration at number (051) 933-9309. Comments can also be sent by e-mail:

3. Comments must be submitted as above not later than Monday, 28 October 2019. Comments received
after this date will not be considered.

4. Copies of the draft By-Laws will also be available for perusal at the Libraries and Municipal Offices in
Ficksburg, Clocolan, Marquard and Senekal, both in towns and the townships areas during normal office hours. A copy of these draft By-Laws may also be obtained from the mentioned offices at a nominal fee applicable for copies. These draft By-Laws are also published and available for download on the municipal website at

5. Persons who are not able to read or write and who wish to comment on these draft By-Laws can be
assisted through appointment by the following officials from respective Units during office hours at Municipal Offices.

Ficksburg Me Moeng 051-933 9340
Senekal Mr Hlongwane 058-481 2142
Marquard Mr Mohale 051 -991 0089
Clocolan Mr Tjaka 051-943 0403

6. Public participation. Community meetings to discuss the contents and receive proposals for the
improvement of the abovementioned Standard By-laws will be held as follows:

Community Targeted Venue Date Time
Ficksburg/ Caledon Ficksburg Town Hall 08/10/2020 11 h00
Clocolan Clocolan Town Hall 09/10/2020 11 h00
Marquard Marquard Town Hall 10/10/2020 11 h00
Senekal Senekal Town Hall 11/10/2020 11 h00
Meqheleng Meqheleng Sports Hall 15/10/2020 11 h00
Hlohlolwane Ikgatholleng Hall 16/10/2020 11 h00
Moemaneng Tlokola high School Hall 17/10/2020 11 h00
Matwabeng EE Monese Hall 18/10/2020 11 h00