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Local Government Municipal Finance Management Act, 56 of 2003 states:
Section 127

(5) immediately after an annual report is tabled in council in terms of subsection (2), the accounting officer of the municipality must-
(a) in accordance with section 21A of the Municipal Systems Act, 32 of 2000-
(i) make public the annual report; and
(ii) invite the local community to submit representation in connection with the annual report.
Notice is hereby given that the Annual Report 2017/2018 has been tabled in council on the 24 January 2019 and council has, in terms of legislation, referred the Annual Report 2017/2018 to the Municipal Public Accounts Committee for further consideration and public presentation, consultations of which meetings will be published soon.

Copies of the Annual Report 2017/2018 are available at the following places:

• Municipal Offices in al municipal towns
o Clocolan/Hlohlolwane
o Ficksburg/Caledon Park/Meqheleng
o Senekal/Matwabeng
o Marquard/Moemaneng
• All libraries in the above-mentioned towns

Copies are also available on the official municipal website: Further enquiries can be directed to the Office of the Municipal Manager, IDP/PMS Division, Mr. Makhele Molahlehi Silvanus at 051 933 9368 or MS Potloane at 051 933 9300 extension 9455 or Me Rathaba Mathabo Maria at 051 933 9300 extension 9455 or Mr. Potloane Teboho Wellington at 051 933 9300 extension 9455. Written representation can be send to the following websites: or

Mr S T R Ramakarane
Municipal Manager