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The issue of water shortage or interruptions of water supply within Meqheleng and surrounding areas has been with us for some time and there are numerous factors.

In the past 36 months (3 years) we have continually received less than average rainfall including the worst drought in 2015. The result is that despite recent rains, our sources of raw water remain suspect. The water levels are low but also because of aging infrastructure, our pumps at the abstraction point break frequently. While we have already processed replacement of those pumps it does not automatically mean we will have continuous supply of water from the Caledon.

The Municipality has and will continue to implement water restrictions and valve management through which we provide water in the mornings and in the evenings. While low lying areas get water throughout the day, those in high areas will be affected during the day and peak periods.

We can only appeal to our communities to use water sparingly and observe restrictions placed. The current water levels within the Caledon and Meulspruit will not last until the next rain season. People must start appreciating that we are a water under resourced country and this drought phenomenon is with us to stay.

On the issue of the death of Ms Malehlohonolo Rose Mohlaping we have expressed our condolences to the family and may her soul and that of the driver rest in peace.

The allegations about her fetching water are both spurious and devoid of any truth and substance. On the day of the incident, there was water in Meqheleng and according to the reports which are still under investigations by the police, the accident happened deep inside Lesotho in Bela- Bela next to Mapoteng. We just wish to respect the process and warn against irresponsible sensationalising of news.

For enquiries contact: Mr Tshepiso Ramakarane – 082 906 2015