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For the past weeks, most areas of Ficksburg/Meqheleng have been without water due to broken pumps at Ficksburg Treatment Plant. The service provider appointed by the municipality has been repairing the pumps but because these pumps have reached their life span, repairing them has become a challenge.

To address the current challenge of broken pumps, the Municipality is in the process of procuring two (2) pumps which will replace these timeworn pumps. However, it does not assist for the Municipality to implement all these measures if the same community that the Municipality serves sabotage the Municipality.

It has come to attention of the Municipality that some of Municipal Water Infrastructure is being vandalized by community members and this vandalism saw Devil Forks and Fencing being removed from the property, damaging water valves and removal of valve chamber lids. This kind of vandalism has seen the Municipality loosing thousands of clean water due to this barbaric behavior.

The Municipality urge the community to refrain from this kind of activities and request the community to assist by reporting any suspicious activities taking place at Municipal properties so that responsible culprits can be brought to justice.

The Municipality would like to thank the community’s patience and understanding during this difficult time.

Issued by: Office of Communication